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    I walked in, threw my uniforms on the counter and said “Hi Angie, I quit”.   That was when I worked at Wendy’s when I was 18.

    Before that I worked for a Hawaiian BBQ place that’s cockroach policy was “don’t let them get up front where the customer’s can see”.  I had asked if I could have the night off because I had made a promise to go see my brother’s band play their first show (a commitment I made month’s in advance without any knowledge of when it might be).  The boss was ok with it only if I found someone to cover my shift, which I did.  When I went to let the boss know John would be covering my shift he said “anyone but John”.  I thought that was unreasonable and the job sucked anyways (I hate cockroaches), so I quit and asked John out to the show.  When I picked John up that night at the end of his shift he told me the boss had tried to get him to cover my shift after I quit.

    Oh and then there was the telesurvey job I had.  The phone dialer system went on the fritz one day and while everyone had to sit around and do nothing for 20 or 30 minutes I did the math and figured out that with the cost of gas at the time, how far I had to drive, the limited hours I was working, and how little they were paying it wasn’t really worth while to continue working there (it was when I started but when I started I lived just down the street and was brought in by a temp agency that was paying me $3 an hour more).  When I explained it all to my supervisor she was really understanding and had this look in her eyes like she needed a calculator.  She had a serious meth addiction likely fueled by the fact that while bottom level employees only worked 4 to 6 hours a day supervisors and managers often had to pull double shifts 6 days a week.

    The last fast food place I worked at my GM, when I asked for the paper work to put in my two weeks notice, told me no.  He said he wouldn’t give me the paperwork until after he stopped crying.  I kinda miss him.  He did eventually give me the paperwork though.

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