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  • Hi everyone! Sorry I’ve been away. I check in on posts and see what’s going on, I just haven’t had the time to engage. With that being said, I am going to be taking some time to do some updates in the near future.

    • I mostly access the site on my Android phone through Chrome. The app just wasn’t working for me, for reasons I cannot at this moment remember.

      I dictate a lot of my responses hands-free as I travel around through various cell zones. If I hit submit in a poor cell Zone, sometimes an hour or more of work is gone.
      If I return to the conversation and hit the reply button on the same post, all of my hard work reappears for a second or two, then it’s wiped out to a blank screen. Not always, but about half of the time.

      It’s a considerable source of frustration, especially if I put a lot of thought into a response.

    • Get a new job with a good team.

    • :smile: