• praisepatience replied to the topic The Social Media Dilemma in the forum Conversations 2 years ago

    Anybody that takes what’s on facebook as actually news without doing their own research, probably wasn’t going to try too hard to sit down on their own and watch/read some credible and actual news with out facebook anyway. The only way to combat it is to try and bring awareness to it…however, if someone has their head shoved up their ass and they start getting on the extreme defensive when I try to counter their point…they just look like a fool and i leave it. you can’t save everybody.

    all that being said, I keep my friends list filled with (for the most part) open minded people. It’s less stressful when i scroll through my news feed.

    as for the clit bait…I for the most part can pick it out. I’ve gotten into the habit of scrolling through the comments first. there’s a whole bucket of entertainment there in itself.

    and the only facebook ads i seem to get are for baby clothes/products, and car repair services for my area. nothing useful LOL

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