• rainmaker started the topic Hi. I'm OK. in the forum Conversations 3 years, 10 months ago

    OK. I’m back and I’m good. I’m still working my way through shit but I’m good. Mostly I’m good because of this video. This video speaks directly to me and all that is good in my life. It speaks of everything that is beautiful and mysterious. I love this video. It is a number from an Indian musical. I love it because somebody actually PLANNED it and recorded it and released it to the public. I hope you get as much out of it as I do.
    I would like to thank Brian and Joy and apologize for not acknowledging your kind words earlier. Thank you.
    Thanks also to @BellaMadre, @Griz, @arias01, @Gina, @ladybarbara and anyone else who thought about me and my problems…
    Also, if you would like to make a game of this video, you can look up”Toni Basil – Mickey (Director’s Cut)” and tell me how many scenes are duplicated and which video came first. The one with the correct answer will win the title of “WINNER”.



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