• I love the U.K. But hate the Royal fam

  • I think of a vice as any distraction from the focus of life

  • @griz Nice thoughts. I wish balance wasn’t so hard to achieve. It’s always just moving from one thing to another. But I guess if we’re moving, we’re not stagnant, so we’re still alive and have motivation for bettering ourselves.

  • @luftballooneyegouge Reminds me of a pendulum. The swinging balance of life.

  • They can do whatever they want. Whether I follow what they say is another thing.

  • I feel like instead of quitting completely, I find myself just switching from one vice to another. Why do we need them in our lives?

    • @luftballooneyegouge Reminds me of a pendulum. The swinging balance of life.

    • They are “escapes”.

      That most of them have dangerous/hazardous element to them makes them a version of “baiting the Dragon of Chaos”.

      Too much “order” and sameness (trait-conscientiousness) wears on us. So we crave some chaos to keep things balanced.

      But there’s the possibility that keeping our life better balanced on-the-fly . . . greatly reduces the need for more foolish (and damaging) episodes of baiting Chaos.

      This ties into Chinese philosophy of yin and yang; and the most meaningful life being right on the boundary between order and chaos.
      And the Native American Medicine Wheel where the fully actualized person quests to all 4 of the cardinal directions before taking up a place of balance at the very center of the wheel.

      It also ties in rather poignantly to the political schmozzle where conservatism (order, rules, tradition) butts heads with liberalism (openness to more of the chaos, the new, the untested). If we had more of a balance, unnecessary “damage to the organism” of the country could be avoided.

      • @griz Nice thoughts. I wish balance wasn’t so hard to achieve. It’s always just moving from one thing to another. But I guess if we’re moving, we’re not stagnant, so we’re still alive and have motivation for bettering ourselves.

        • @randomtheodd
          Even higher cortical animals like cats and dogs can “park” their brains in the “contentment” garage for long periods of time without ill effect. When all the primitive hypothalmic motivators like hunger, thirst, thermal regulation, pain, panic, association etc are at peace, they just “shut down” to save resources.

          Humans seem to be the only animal that cannot stay there for long without growing antsy, guilty, despondent, defeatist, nihilistic . . . obese . . . etc. Our brains are structured and motivated to learn, play, explore and grow. To always be on the move. (But as a society, we try to “farm this out” to hired thinkers and dreamers and builders! But at a cost)

          It’s like the other animals have reached a “stable” evolutionary state and are content to stay there until some environmental change requires them to adapt to survive.
          In us it’s like evolution wants to be constantly happening in each of us as individuals within our lifetime — driving us to reach up for something “higher” (being “made in God’s image”, but not yet fully realized perhaps?).

          We move and grow . . . because the possibility is there. We climb the mountain, because it is there. We fly to the moon, because it’s there. Never mind that everyone was so sure that we couldn’t! Turns out, we could!

      • @griz Jear77 would say something on the Jedi order…bringing balance to the force…lol

        • @immortal_pirate
          There’s a LOT of fascinating archetypes in some of our best entertainment event. (if they were not there, they wouldn’t be nearly as entertaining for the general masses!).

          And George Lucas is no slouch at employing them to the max!

    • @luftballooneyegouge
      Oh, that was punny! Just don’t crank your vice too tight or your grip could be destroyed!

      I would categorize giving up entirely as more than just “a break”.

    • If to be without desire and without exertion altogether, is a state of violence and discomfort, then the present desire, with its correspondent train of exertion, is not to be got rid of simply by destroying it. It must be by substituting another desire, and another line or habit of exertion in its place—and the most effectual way of withdrawing the mind from one object, is not by turning it away upon desolate and unpeopled vacancy—but by presenting to its regards another object still more alluring.

      From Chalmer’s famous sermon, “The Expulsive Power of a New Affection”.

      Here’s a link, it’s an interesting and well thought out sermon that I think is completely correct and answers your question- https://www.christianity.com/christian-life/spiritual-growth/the-expulsive-power-of-a-new-affection-11627257.html

    • Sometimes we use vices to hold two surfaces together when glued, until the glue sets. I watch as Immortal Pirate builds his guitars and molds the wood into a round shape, or attaches the fretboard onto the neck of the guitar, his use of vices was replaced by a series of clamps. I love to be there in that moment the vices and clamps are removed and a new guitar is born and ready to become a work of art.

    • To avoid intellectual atrophy and entropy. The idle mind will cease to function, shut down completely, then die and rot. The vices of mankind are many, ranging from the simple to the complex.
      Simple vice could be represented by ones desire for sweets such as cakes, candies, and all manner of confections that indulge the taste buds…and to the extreme, can have negative consequences.
      Complex vices can and usually are more destructive to the mind, body, and spirit of those indulging in them, becoming addictive, resulting in far more negative consequences up to and including death.
      Simple vices are tactile; touch, taste, and smell, releasing normal serotonin levels.
      Complex vices are psychological; mind altering activity or substances that over stimulate that region of the brain that forces it to release serotonin beyond normal levels.

      Vices are an escape mechanism, a distraction from the mundane drudgery of day to day life. As with all things, temperance and moderation should be exercised…though easier said than done. That being said, life needs a theme song about vice…

      • @immortal_pirate
        So if mundane drudgery day-to-day is reduced, so too should the need for vices?

        I’m pondering the reduced need to escape from a pleasant place.

        (With the supposition that growth can be just as pleasant as rest or stagnation. Perhaps more so; because there is something of lasting value after the serotonin reaction fades.)

    • I don’t think we need them; many just like them.

      Some may need them, but there is usually some kind of psychological explanation to associate with the need.

      When I think about need; I think addiction and when I think addiction I think about our own hormonal, chemical requirements that are at their foundation.

      So let’s look at a few. Gambling is a vice. What hormonal secretion does the gambler crave? Adrenaline? Dopamine? Seratonin? Two are pleasure chemicals and one is a rush that can easily be craved. At issue is the addiction challenge that you need ever more stimulation to experience the same rush level.

      If our chemicals are in any kind of balances; we don’t “need” vices, we just want them.

      Why does the vice squad penalize prostitutes? They are providing a service that capitalism should accept. Maybe if it wasn’t illegal we wouldn’t have criminals managing it.

      When I was in high school a very good friend started pimping. I asked him why and he answered with genuine sincerity that he took them away from an abusive situation and took care of them. He got them apartments. He covered their utilities. He got them organized so they could take care of themselves. They built self confidence and I don’t know how things ended up, but they had a better chance to manage their lives after. All they knew before Mike was that they could make money selling their bodies. After Mike they had choices.

      So, did Mike deserve to be arrested for his involvement with this vice squad target, or should he be honoured by the Catholic Church for supporting a current day Mary Magdalene?

      The biggest vice in my opinion are these self proclaimed Christians who masturbate their pleasure centres and yet express the most sadistic , narcissistic bull shit and actually believe themselves. We need a squad that can deal with them.

      In the immortal words of Gordon Gecko, : Greed is good”

      Welcome to SoulSequel Random the Odd from Spitfire the Spewmaster

    • “Vice” is just a word… what is one person’s vice might be someone else’s strength.

      Why do people error (sin), usually because an evil spirit whisper to them to do it. Then, those spirits can feed off the now captive new recruit. They have joined the ranks of the extorted. This process is pretty much: escalate and repeat. Until the final struggle to death.

    • What are we considering vices? Are we talking about what the definition says with illegal or immoral activities? I don’t do illegal stuff. What, other than something like harming others, is considered immoral here? Honestly, I thought vice just meant some activity that helped you keep going through life. Video games, superhero stories (shows, movies, comic stories), wrestling, tv shows, movies help with that. I like to escape this world as much as I can. I don’t touch alcohol and other drugs though because that could be a lot more destructive if I happen to enjoy it. Sometimes, people just need a break of this life. Sometimes, one just needs a pain reliever of the consciousness.

    • @luftballooneyegouge
      Your vices are getting very grippy.


      At the count of three you will open your eyes and reach a state of total grippiness in your vices!

    • “Reality is for people who can’t face drugs.” – Tom Waits

    • To keep us human. If we’re too virtuous we’re phony as fuck.

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