• @BelleMadre I definitely believe that we are interconnected but I still don’t know how.

  • Do you believe that we are spirits occupying physical vessels (bodies)? Or are we just organisms with a conscious that ceases to exist once we are gone? Does that question make sense? lol
    Artwork by Rick Ortega

    • i think we embody pieces of the life spirit that is all around us on this planet. we are interconnected in this universe.
      that being said, i think we are also just biological creations who happen to have really cool brains and bodies… but i still like to think we are a bit of something more. something that is just part of every all thing…
      which means we arent that much more important than a waving blade of grass, but we sure do think we are … i think there for i am? so if i think, and am, i should probably be responsible or act in accordance too? does THat make sense? im drifting, and rambling.

      i think Yes? yes, is my answer :D

    • If there is anything intangible within our physicality that might be the key to your answer, it has to start with the fact that we seem to have a very sharp sense of hope.

      Others animals have a lesser degree of the same capacity, but most of it is tied to a more fundamental sense of hoping that food is forthcoming. We stepped it up a few notches to hope for immortality.

      So I know hope exists and I wonder if just that is enough to keep us functional and a contributing element to the overall described by bellemadre.

      Hope might be the purest spirituality from which all things flow.

    • Something that doesn’t likely exist
      We might like to think we’re more, that we’re special, that we have something more… but it’s a trick of our own psyche.
      If we are more than what we appear, why is it forbidden to not only try to contact the dead, but when we do, we’re (basically guaranteed by scientific precedent) unable to do so? Why would the realms be so divided?

    • Your question, in conjunction with another question on this site, led me to an interesting video today. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x59j0gq

      Your question and the subsequent answer seemed to appear at minute 37.

      Total time on this video was about 50 minutes and there is an objectivity, coupled with an inquiring mind to investigate your question.

    • @griz that still doesn’t explain why we can’t be shown to communicate (scientifically) with the dead, and any such experiments automatically fail. Just because we aren’t supposed to according to scripture (and to do so would likely be damaging spiritually) doesn’t mean science can’t come up with a way.

    • An eternal life force dwelling in a temporary vessel.

    • @griz if you think about it, according to christian theology JESUS is a dead man… at least was at one point, then raised. So literally every prayer that a christian makes is to a formerly dead man. So why are you complaining about that? I saw an interesting atheist meme which stated “Jesus gave up a weekend for your sins.” if jesus arose from the dead to be alive again, this meme quite literally true!

    • @griz The point is if he had simply died and stayed dead, that’d make him a martyr for his cause of a kingdom. Dying and coming back alive as if he never died, save for the scars of the execution a few days later AND being able to have infinite power afterwards is completely meaningless in the grand scheme of things.

    • @griz the problem with that viewpoint is that it discounts the fact that the concept had been a trope in mythology before this point. The Egyptian myths did much the same thing. And if you want to go back before recorded history, it’s likely to have shown up there as well!

    • @griz once again, a common thing in tropes is the REVERSE trope. That’s all the bible’s literature is doing. Nothing new!

    • @griz i read the words you wrote. It seems disjointed. Are you *sure* you checked the grammar of that? It made no sense!

    • @griz the point is from a literary standpoint, ideas are inverse, reversed, have one detail changed and people say voila – it’s new. I see nothing new that can’t be explained from the standpoint of an altered trope. Research on tvtropes.org (but beware, it’s a black hole you may never escape from)

      This is a quote from the “older than dirt page:”

      Note: Tropes originating in mythologies/religions that aren’t Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Anatolian, Vedic, or early Chinese are never indexed here, as we have no idea whether those stories even existed in 800 BC, or what form they had, centuries or milliennia before they were first written down. Even The Bible and Classical Mythology are only Older Than Feudalism.note Early folklorists often started with the assumption that folktales and myths were primordial; more research has shown that people can and do modify all sorts of tales for any purpose.

      With that as a background, it’s easy to see from the lens that it’s *literally* nothing new. And EVEN Solomon the wisest man in the bible stated this. There is literally *no* “ego” involved; the statement is simply an understanding on the literary roots of the bible! (BTW in the page itself, the bible, classic mythology, and older than feudalism are all link in the description, that don’t carry through to this format.)

    • @griz the point is everyone is invested in their beliefs systems (or lack thereof)… and so it makes the point moot. i.e. “the (proverbial) pot calling the kettle black”

    • @griz at day’s end if hereto before our existence had not been a thing and we were not concerned about our lack of existence before we came into being, why would it be such a terrible thing to be not (i.e. cease to exist) from the moment of our death forward?

      I know that’s a bit double talk, but let me see if I can clarify it for you.

      If we hadn’t existed up to the moment of our conception
      And there are plenty of us (i.e. mortals) who simply didn’t make it to the stage we call “life” either through deliberate means – i.e. abortion, or accidental means i.e. miscarriage
      And if before we were born, and those that never made it to the living were unconcerned about the state of their souls
      And when we should die, if we should cease to exist completely
      Why should we be concerned about the nonexistence that awaits?
      Wouldn’t it make every moment that much more special that we are existing, rather than meaningless, because we actually had an opportunity to exist, compared to the millions who never had that chance?
      And wouldn’t that make those who have such a viewpoint see every moment as something they can improve upon and not waste or squander needlessly?
      (I really need to work on using twitter speak. I know that is WAY longer than 140 characters)

    • @griz and a set of suppositions based around an unproven soul and the need for the salvation of such, that would only be relevant after death is even more foolishness. So we’re at an impasse.

      And it begs the question, what happens if a person never makes it to life? Where does their soul go? Or do they even have one? Furthermore, if a soul is created the moment sperm hits egg, how does that work? Where does it come from? If another combination of sperm and egg were to come about, would it be a different soul? What about the souls of those who were created through violence – i.e rape? What about those created artificially – sperm donors, artificial insemination, or another mother carrying the child to term? Lots of verses talk about being of the earth. What about those who might be concieved in space or another planet? Do the same rules apply to them in terms of having a soul? We have no idea on the mechanisms of such a scenarios – neither biblically nor scientifically.

    • @griz without solid answers to such questions that should have been thought of, let alone answered eons ago (i.e. when the bible authors were being inspired) my hands are tied. Spiritual answers don’t do a lick of good when one is in this life. And I’m not going to worry about them since the god that is proposed in the bible’s pages is so picky. At least physically there’s the senses of sight, sound, touch, smell, taste, sense of movement, where one’s limbs are and so on. Spiritually… there is only one dimension (or 2 if you count a good spirit and a bad one)

    • @griz I had some extra time and thought I’d expand / expound on my ideas somewhat.

      if you didn’t see what I did, I cycled back to the point of the question, of what a spirit is.

      The idea of the soul is one thing. A classical idea of the human is body (physical), mind (emotional), soul (spiritual). The problem at day’s end is that the concept of a “soul” cannot be examined *except* through the mind. And there’s very little in proof that can be shown… and the ultimate detraction to that proof is the fact that we all die.

      Things wrong with the body can be examined by a combination of medicine, an examination of diet, exercise, family history, environmental pollutants. We can say to the people who have something wrong with them “exercise more” or “change your diet” or both.

      Things wrong with the mind can be examined as either a physical problem (brain damage, imbalance of chemicals), a social problem, or a combination of both. A person who has physical problems with their brains can oftentimes get medication to help. People with social problems might benefit from group therapy, counseling, and even sometimes medication.

      The mind, if it’s a healthy one, asks about any idea it might come across “where’s the proof of this concept?” How does this “mesh” with reality of science, common experience, and common sense meet. Not “I feel this to be true.” Not “I see this in other people’s lives.” Not even “I found this concept to be useful and true because of retrospect.”

      The problem with the concept of the concept of the soul is it is totally immaterial. And this concept of the soul isn’t able to be neatly packaged into such ideas of “sick” and “healthy” because there’s multiple ideas on the subject, which not only confuse the subject, but give multiple choices.

      Even if there were diagnoses of sick and healthy souls, a “cookie cutter” solution as presented by the god of the bible shouldn’t be seen to be a panacea for the soul that you say that it is. If it were there would be no ability to fashion, fathom other beliefs. And i think it’s telling that there ARE a multitude of beliefs (which I’ll be getting back to this idea in a minute)

      Person is grieving – go to god. Person is dying – go to god. Person is wondering about god’s existence – go to god… when god is nowhere to be found. Person is confused – go to god. War just took the person’s son or daughter – go to god. Person just got raped / molested – go to god.

      Some people have different priorities, and need to be given the freedom to exercise those. According to the god of the bible, any who disobey him are so anathema to him he punishes those that cannot or will not obey, accept his son forever. And your thing of “the person sends themselves to hell” is not as cut and dry as you might think. I’ve said it before, if a person goes there on their own accord they’d find out quickly they don’t want to be there and simply refuse to stay. And the bible is 100% clear. A person, once in hell, can never be redeemed by any way. Such a black and white thing is not something that *ever* shows up in life. Even DEATH itself is shown to be a series of steps that if not reversed, eventually becomes permanent. And there are several points along the way that it can be stopped.

      Moreover having this “us vs. them” mindset is a useless dividing tactic. And the bible even says that families, nations will be divided over him. Such dividing over believe, I’ve seen, at day’s end is useless. If there was no religion, no concept of the soul those wars wouldn’t exist. How much more peace would there be/ have been if not for that?

      Getting back to the multiple choice idea(s): Some people say there’s a limited number of souls and they’re recycled somehow. Other say there’s one soul per person and whatever the fate of the soul is has been predetermined. Some say you need to end your life in violence to make things right for your soul. Still others say there’s a soul but each person must decide for themselves and that choice must be the god of the bible. Finally, there are those who don’t say there’s a soul at all. Telling a person who doesn’t think they have a soul that s/he has one is at one end foolishness because they will not believe you or selfish in that you want them a part of your community on the other extreme.

    • @griz I’m not going to involve myself in something that is one or two dimensional, when we live in a 3, or 4 dimensional world. Why you’d be interested in something so “flat” is beyond me. Also the time involved is something I don’t have.

    • @griz Who’s Aiden? I don’t recognize that screen name.

    • @griz Also, at day’s end, the bible seems like magi-babble to me: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/MagiBabble

    • I think that “spirit” is basically just an emotional and elaborate way to say “consciousness.” I believe people just like the idea of them being more than their brain and the chemicals that run their emotions. I think once the brain is done though, it is over, except maybe unless your consciousness manages to develop again? Maybe I’m wrong though. I’m open to that, but I just need some solid evidence for it. As for being connected with other people and life in general, maybe there is something that has to do with string theory or something similar?

    • @griz Something that is only understood if a person sincerely seeks understanding is utter nonsense. That means the would be seeker can find literally anything. That’s like saying one can only fully discern the meaning of the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy by seeking it out instead of reading it at face value. It’s like the sign below

    • @griz double talk, maybe. BUT nonsense, no. And even you need to admit that there is this thing called literary analysis. And there are people who do entire PHDs based on the fictional works of an author!
      And as I said before, it’s not something that I am going to pursue – it’s not of the type of benefit i seek, so no matter what, you’re wasting not only your time, but mine as well trying to persuade me otherwise.

    • @griz beautiful language means nothing to me as even i can create such if I put my mind to it!
      But since the right meanings, the “true,” meanings, the meanings that are the living words behind the flowery language if it takes a “right heart,” “a relationship with god” to understand that’s actually a point in its “cons” column. So much for the point that it is supposedly so simple a child can understand it!
      Furthermore, not only is the society that created the old testament no longer in existence, but neither does the mindset. We *might* be able to catch glimpses of the mindset by examining the writings of the Talmud… But I am not going to learn Hebrew for that purpose.
      And the new testament is not much better except for the fact we still have Greeks today.
      I really don’t see how a relationship with someone who is not here physically, can’t interact with us directly, OR even through electronic devices. The only way he does is through a book whose authorship is questionable at times, or other people. Sounds like group imagination to me!

    • The spirit is our internal link to the eternal. In our individual lives it is a shard of the infinite presence from which we came. It longs for one thing: to be itself. Whole, perfect and complete.

    • @griz who ever said that the bible was “light reading?” No one ever.

    • @griz Both answers, ultimately, are the same “no one” or “nothing”

    • @griz Please drop this, I don’t want to discuss this any further today. Maybe another time. But not today.

  • @eric Thanks! I actually haven’t painted or messed with clay in awhile.

  • @BelleMadre Man, I’m so awful at replying on this site! It’s because I don’t really get use my laptop anymore. It’s a combo of everything.

  • Starting a punk rock band isn’t optional because I’m not talented guys.

  • I have so much pent up stress and anxiety and I need an outlet.

    • Starting a punk rock band isn’t optional because I’m not talented guys.

    • whats going on tho? school mostly and the state of the world in general?!

      • @BelleMadre Man, I’m so awful at replying on this site! It’s because I don’t really get use my laptop anymore. It’s a combo of everything.

    • leave your phone at home
      go outside
      take a 1 hour walk
      breathe deep
      enjoy nature

      stress should subside

    • Run fast. Really, really, fast. Wait for the hurt. Collapse. Enjoy the rush of endorphins.

      Do you paint or draw? I love scribbling random shit throughout the day – kind of a mental reset. I think you could attack a canvas with a paint brush. Oh, or clay or something. Knead the shit out of that fucking clay for what it did to you! None of these require the talent of any kind. People feed on artist expression – even if it is just stick figures.

      Or yea. Scream.

      More power to ya.

    • Just remember, you are not alone. :sad:

    • Pray.
      Breath in deeply and exhale slowly.
      Pray some more.

    • I learned this from a reiki Master. Some people may roll their eyes at that, but i have learned that it actually works really well. They are called switch words. When you are having repetitive anxious thoughts, say the word “cancel” internally. Keep saying the word “cancel” in your mind everytime the repetitive negative or anxious thoughts arise. For overall physical and emotional wellbeing, do the same with the word, “be”.

  • I’m always thinking in the past, regretting things that I did and didn’t do- but then again, I’m always looking forward, as to where I want to be in life and what I need to do to get there. I’m never in the present just enjoying my young life.

  • #immortal_pirate Oh my god, why don’t you just get off the internet for once in your fucking life you dirty ugly old fuck. Ew

  • @griz Yeah, but I can choose to block whoever the fuck I want to block. ¬†Especially if they’re always trying to irritate me and are constantly harassing me when I post anything on this website.

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