• since it isn’t illegal to seek asylum and it is a misdemeanor to cross the border illegally, it is it fair to detain people? What do you think the answer is too immigration?

    • 90% of asylum seekers are not even meeting the requirements of asylum. It must be that your life in the country you are fleeing from is being threatened and that staying in that country will result in your death. Once you cross into a country that would not be killing you and would give you a chance to live peacefully and survive —- THEN YOU ARE NO LONGER THREATENED and crossing out of that nonthreatening and peaceful country does NOT meet the requirements for asylum. Asylum is not granted just because you want a job, so you can send money back to the country you originated from. Asylum is not granted just because you want employment.

      It takes years to await trial to judge whether or not you deserve asylum. While awaiting that trial, you will have to wait in the country you are already in. That should be Mexico. Nonthreatening, peaceful, Mexico, where there are jobs and chances for a livelihood.

      Crossing the United States border is unlawful —- it is against our laws. Yes, these undocumented people crossing illegally must be detained to await a trial. If you have a child with you and you are detained in a jail (for breaking the law by crossing our border) , you cannot have the child stay with you in our jails. The jails are for adults only. Children will be held in shelters run by Casa de Amparo. Many of these children were traveling with adults that were NOT related to them, who were abusing them, and the child is fearful of the adult they were found with. If that adult is NOT related to the child —- and if the child fears being returned to the adult —- then Casa de Amparo and authorities will try to locate the child’s parents. The child must be protected.

      The detention centers (Casa de Amparo) may hold children in crowded rooms, but they do give them bottled drinking water to drink. Bathrooms are accessible and all bathrooms have toilets and sinks. It is for cleanliness that a sink is provided to wash after using the toilets. AOC’s stunt about lying to say that anyone is forced to drink out of toilets is ridicules. Sinks are always available. Even in cells there are clean toilet areas, even in areas where the combo sink/toilet are provided. AOC says that there is NO RUNNING WATER. Then how is there running water for the toilets??? If there is water hooked up to the toilet, then there is water hooked up to the sink. That is always the case. In addition, bottled drinking water is always supplied.

      • @ladybarbara
        Asylum seekers were permitted to stay in the States before Twittler put in place his idiotic hostile policies.

        Honduras was rated the most murderous country on Earth in 2012. It’s run by a drug trafficker who shares Honduras with the US Military at Soto Cano Air Base.

        In Mexico from 2007-2013 120,000 people killed & 27,000 missing in their drug-war with cartels funded by prohibition.
        “Once you cross into a country that would not be killing you and would give you a chance to live peacefully and survive —- THEN YOU ARE NO LONGER THREATENED”, so your statement only applies to the United States.

        The worst of the worst won’t be applying for asylum. They’ll be riding a tram through one of their many tunnels under the dumbass wall.

        As for concentration-camp-plumbing, there’s these miraculous inventions from ancient Rome called shut-off-valves.

        Homeland security agrees the conditions are Deplorable:

    • The answer is to the immigration “problem” is to not elect the man who made it a problem. He doesn’t have the education of sense to change the law to make it more than a “misdemeanor”. I am ashamed to be an American.

  • Someone posted this on fb and was asking for thoughts. I found it to be a good philosophical q. “Reason cannot defeat emotion, an emotion can only be displaced or overcome by a stronger emotion.”

    I think

  • The Four Basic Styles of Communication
    1. PASSIVE COMMUNICATION is a style in which individuals have developed a pattern of avoiding expressing their opinions or feelings, protecting their rights, and identifying


    • Quietly assertive. I don’t need to raise my voice because I know the other person can hear me. Sometimes, I ask , “Did you hear me?” and my partner repeats what I said because he was listening.

      Although, there are times when he is doing something else and I think my partner hears me as Charlie Brown hears his teacher —- wa wa wao wah wa. He is reading his email and I am quietly stating that I would unplug my phone from the charger, but I cannot reach it, because he moved it up and out of my reach. I repeat myself until he shows he heard me.

      I try to tell him to do a task as few times as I can. Once you ask a man to perform a task, you don’t need to remind him of it every 6 months. So, I wait a year and ask again, reminding him that I asked him to do that task a year ago.

    • I am 4. Assertive.

    • There is a 5th style ——— Hard of hearing style.

      We have it at our house where we say “What?” a lot.

      Immortal Pirate : “The man in the plaid shirt has a limp.”
      Me: “The man in the plaid shirt owns a blimp?”
      Immortal Pirate: “He has a limp.”
      Me: “He is limp? Oh, that’s sad.”
      Immortal Pirate: “I don’t know about that, but he walks with a limp.”
      Me: “Oh …. he limps. OK. I think I got it.”

      I can lip read, but Immortal Pirates mustache meets his beard and there are no lips to read, just a lot of moving facial hair.

    • I am definitely an assertive communicator.

      There are, otherwise, many other ‘shades of grey’.

    • Used to be aggressive but I’ve graduated to assertive because through life experience I’ve learned the difference.

    • Sorry Republicans: You Fail to Meet the Qualifications:
      “ “I respect the rights of others.”
      “ communicate respect for others”
      “ express feelings clearly, appropriately, and respectfully”
      “ state needs and wants clearly, appropriately, and respectfully”
      “ create a respectful environment for others to grow and mature”
      “ not allow others to abuse or manipulate them”

      My communication style is Fucking Aggressive!

  • @Yin I feel like whites, straight people, Christians, do not understand that they are not oppressed. They actually believe that they are an oppressed majority. What you say about domination is true. Just look at the percentage of old white men running the government. It is scary.

  • @Yin hey, that is a really great point! We are nature.

  • You read about things like what is happening near the arch in St. Louis, and you begin to wonder if industry is finally losing this long war?

    I did try to post something happy this morning. I tried to post a

    • It all ends with a big bang…

    • Mother Nature will ALWAYS win in the long run.

    • The climate change is simply the Earth going through it’s cycles that it has gone through down through the ages. Nemesis (the companion to our sun — with it’s own 5 planets and moons) has come to circle our sun, then headed back through our solar system, and back out on it’s wide-swing orbit. It’s orbit takes 3600 years. As it came into our solar system, it reacts magnetically with all of our planets. As it passed Earth it pulled Earth out of it’s usual orbit and closer to the sun. It also tilted our axis and the pole moved —- as Earth spins. It has taken 7 years to screw up our weather, but the good news is that the worst is over. Nemesis is moving away from Earth. It is screwing with Jupiter and Saturn as it leaves. It is a 7 year process in it’s leaving. Gradually, in this 7 year process, the Earth will return to it’s old orbit and will return to the distance from the sun that it was once orbiting in. The weather will return to what it had been before. The poles that shift at regular intervals, will return to it’s usual cycle. The Magnetosphere will calm down and all will return to normal again. The yellow sun will return and the smeary white sun will calm down. The sun has been appearing smeary and white because Earth had been pulled closer to the sun by the Nemesis System. When it returns to it’s old orbit track, the sun will appear yellow again, and temperatures and climates will revert back to old patterns.

      How many factories we have does not effect the orbit of the Earth, distance from the sun, or wobble of the poles. Just because the number of factories were reduced in America does not mean there were less factories on Earth. Other countries, that do not have pollution regulations, have been built and multiplied in other parts of the Earth.

      What may be effecting the Earth is the cutting of our forests and replacing nature with more pavement and concrete buildings.

      Anyway, there will be a 7 year return to normal and we won’t have to worry about climate change for another 3600 years.

    • Do you really think there is a war against nature by industry? Proof would be nice…..

    • To be fair, nature is killing itself considering we are nature. But in this context, I can see it both ways. Maybe the Earth does manage to cripple our industries to where we can’t harm the planet much more. Maybe our planet is killed by industries, which will kill us if that happens soon. Overall, lose-lose to everyday citizens who will suffer. While maybe the exploding part is quite unlikely, we are going to straight Krypton this planet into oblivion. It’s odd how we as multiple societies over the world allow it.

    • You must be a force of nature, connected to the spiritual primordial forces of creation. And thereby fight and win against the forces that destroy the earth.

    • There’s a lot of evidence that there’s enough stupid people to destroy the planet.

    • It’s the fact that there’s a very large portion of society that doesn’t like all this gay homo agenda being driven down our throats.

      I teach my kids that homosexuality is deviant, while large companies and the mainstream media tries to teach my kids that homosexuality is normal.

    • One day people will realize (perhaps not) that homosexuality IS normal. Just because a “large portion of society … doesn’t like all this gay homo agenda…” doesn’t mean much.

      And how much is really being driven down your throats? You resist what you fear.

      Homosexuals are not deviants. They are people, just like you and me. Learn to LOVE.

      @scarlett2 – saying “…always a white man….” is incorrect and irresponsible.

    • I see less and less “white” people. As the many races and skin colors mix, the new normal is the “tan” color people. The tan-man is the man of the future. As the world gets smaller with better transportation and technology, the more we mix ourselves into a nice tan color.

      I appreciate the many hues of people as the multi-colored flowers from the same garden. That garden would be boring if every person were the same color.

      As for “white” men and women leading the way, the lands of “white” people have led the world in technology and the 3rd world nations follow along slowly. Do you know that there are children in Africa who have never had the problem of the cord on their phone charger not reaching from the wall plug to their bedside table? Or, their coffee-maker going on the fritz because it needs cleaning? Or, the air conditioner starting to make a funny noise? No, they are still sleeping on mats in the dirt and battling flys and fleas. Come on, O Peoples of the Earth, catch up!!!

      • @ladybarbara

        So because you enjoy these amenities, you think all “Peoples of the Earth” should catch up and have them too? If you threw away your cell phone, chargers, coffee maker and A/C, you would survive.

        “We have deserts here —– we just DON’T try to live in them.” —- What the hell do you think Arizona is? Vegas, New Mexico, most of Texas, California…. We DO live in deserts.

        “The “white” people live where life is better.” – yea, so I still can’t figure this one out.

        “Bus these skinny starving people to a place where life is better and the food they need will grow in the soil.” – didn’t we try this back in the 1600’s, except with ships?

        • @Santa Bunny We live in deserts WHERE FOOD STILL GROWS!!! It makes no sense to live in the hot arid SAND that NOTHING will grow in.

          Don’t bus people out of arid soil places just to USE them as slaves. The point is to help them live better. Shipping them here in the 1600’s was to USE them and making them slaves is just wrong. When you intend to HELP people, you should not exploit them, using them as slaves.

          We have not been using our air conditioner, even though we live in Phoenix, AZ. I made coffee this morning WITHOUT my coffee maker. Most of the time, my phone is ignored —– it is somewhere in the back room. I have no idea where it is right now.

          Immortal Pirate and I live in harmony WITH nature.

          Even though Sam Kinison is dead, his speeches still ring true with me. Truth never goes out of style and truth never dies.

        • @Santa Bunny
          That’s not why slavery started,…. no.
          ….wasn’t so Africans could get more food.

    • Bit of fear, bit of hatred. There seems to be a fear of losing what they perceive to be their culture. It’s pretty ironic though considering how many white majority countries throughout history have pushed their culture onto others. The difference here is that for the most part people just want to live, exist, and be represented like everyone else. If a parade to let a minority group have some form of community and place to fit in somehow disrupts your life, then I’m not sure what to tell you. It just seems people want others to just live under that radar so they can pretend the others just don’t exist. I also feel like these people took their normal life for granted and now feel other people are getting some extra attention. I mean, I have to assume these people would have loved to grow up in a normal environment and allowed to be as open as cis, straight people, but again, just existing while different causes these people to freak out. White man takes land from natives, forgets or pretends to forget that history, hates when other people even try to even slightly alter the culture to allow their existence to be normal. Always have to dominate…

      • @Yin I feel like whites, straight people, Christians, do not understand that they are not oppressed. They actually believe that they are an oppressed majority. What you say about domination is true. Just look at the percentage of old white men running the government. It is scary.

        • @Scarlett2 How many non-white tribesmen living in mud huts ever put a man on the moon?
          How many non-white tribesmen living in mud huts ever invented telephones, microwave ovens, automobiles, or airplanes???

        • @Scarlett2

          I know you don’t read my posts, but THIS IS BULLSHIT. What white guy REALLY feels oppressed?

          p.s. And FUCK YOU for your title of this post. You try to be diplomatic and in the middle, but such a generalization is really fucked up. It’s garbage.

        • @Scarlett2 “When you’re accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression.”

    • I am white, as are many like me, who have nothing to do with any of that….

      It shames me to be white, that there are so many racists of my color. But, it should be remembered that the political left is also full of many white men and women.

      • @five2one

        Go away loony tunes.

        You lie so fucking much no one believes you. We’re laughing at you. Did you know that? WE’RE LAUGHING AT YOU.

        We don’t think you’re funny. Your stories are so out of touch its sad.

        Now go think of another story you want us to believe.

        Who are you now? Morrison? Deadpool? Chewbacca? Spy? Dark Net Specialist?

        What size straight jacket do you wear?

        Just stop taking pills.

    • We got a bit of satire here.

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