• yetanotherdeadhero replied to the topic Quote Discussion- Emphasis on Discussion in the forum Conversations 4 years, 2 months ago

    “A man may be fated to die- but no fate can determine if he dies in courage or in cowardice”- Stephen Donaldson, The Wounded Land.

    I love the questions- and implicit answers- this quote raises about free will and human agency. So much of our lives are beyond our control, and if you really examine it life can begin to seem deterministic. Right from the beginning, our genetic make up and hormone levels in our mother’s womb create a large amount of our traits, skills and personalities. The family dynamic we are born into influences the way we feel about ourselves, our social context influences how we think about the world. Sometimes, some things truly are inescapable- such as when genetics make depression or breast cancer all but inevitable. But the way we face out lot is still in our hands. We can choose to treat others with judgement or compassion. We can choose to fight or to be passive. We can choose to forgive. Or to let go. Our choices may seem insignificant at times, but they never truly are. Really, they are what defines us against the intricate set of circumstances that were not of our making.

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