What was the first live music concert or performance you saw? Share the experience.


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  1. ladybarbara 2 years ago

    I believe it was 1963. All my friends and I went to the Hollywood Bowl for the Beatles Concert. It was crowded. We sat in the middle of the stadium and brought binoculars. I could hardly hear the Beatles singing above the screaming. Two years later, we went to the Beatles concert at Dodger Stadium. Those seats were worse. However, it was all about Beatlemania and it was crazy wonderful.

    Now that I think of those years, in 1961 I saw Dick Dale and the Deltones, but it wasn’t a real concert. That was the band that played at the Hermosa Beach surfer’s hang-outs. The Beach Boys sang there, too. Of course, we sat on the back yard fences and listened to the Beach Boys putting together their arrangements —- with their father shouting at them to have more of this and less of that. It wasn’t a concert because it was all part of the surfing crowd that I hung with. In 1962, Jerry Lewis would sing for my drama class. We would watch him filming some of his movies and he held a sing-in where he sat with us and sang the songs from his movie “Rock-a-bye Baby” . But then, that was not a concert. It was Jerry asking us what we thought of his songs for the movie.


  2. Spitfire3dC 2 years ago

    Harry Chapin at Massey Hall in Toronto.

    I only bought tickets because I knew this girl I wanted to ask out liked him. I just happened to mention I had tickets. She went a little kookie. I asked he if she wanted to go. She couldn’t say no. We went. She was boring. Harry talked to me in the lobby. She’s just an anecdotal memory. I can’t hear him sing a song and not listen to it to the end.


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