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  1. luftballooneyegouge 3 months ago

    So this is the conservative humor I’ve heard so little about.



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  2. ladybarbara 3 months ago

    Yep, the more I have been through, the better I get because of the lessons I have learned. I have witnessed deaths and because of that I see life as more precious. I have slowed down with age, but life is still worth living and sticking around for more. Suicide is a permanent solution for a temporary problem.


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    • Santa Bunny 3 months ago

      @ladybarbara I agree. Suicide transfers the pain (exponentially) to the family and friends. I believe it’s a selfish act. That being said, sufferers may not know HOW to reach out for help.


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  3. five2one 3 months ago

    I see a man anxious for honor from other men. (And women.)

    It was a miracle, but that is nothing. He should seek more. Instead of cashing in on what has happened to others, for his own honor. Not you, Mr Pirate.

    Everyone does deserve acknowledge, awareness, of being human. We live in a junk pile down, what Jim Morrison called a “shithouse”.

    We have bodies prone, vulnerable, to every manner of error, by default. We can be killed by a tiny piece of glass. By a slip in a bathroom.

    Faith is contrary to our nature, as is love and hope. Because we have expiry dates: no greater then 120 years can we live.

    Supposedly. For awhile. Then, that expiration date is removed.

    Contrast our feeble, yet sweet flesh…with the flesh of angels (by default, though they can and do incarnate):

    Bodies of “wind” and “fire”.Spiritual bodies, such as the essence of our inner selves…

    Indestructible, and so they have great powers.

    They can believe the supernatural good, which grants powers, uses them, forms them as they will: because their nature is higher then what you find in earthly reality.

    Through Jesus we ascend past this mere shell to bodies as angels have. And, in so doing, we become as “gods” (to quote God in psalms).


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