What 3 issues would you promise to address during your political bid for office?These issues can address problems at the local, state, national or global level.


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  1. weenis 2 years ago

    I would have promised to lock Hillary up, and I would have followed through on that promise.


    • JRIII 6 months ago

      @weenis Before you can do that you have to either completely do away with the current judicial system or you’d have to bribe a group of cops and judges (along with a jury) and hope you’d not get caught in the process.


  2. Spitfire3dC 2 years ago

    First promise, I would make my tax returns public so I can prove that I have not benefited financially from potential enemies of the state, or received any monies from partners who have used me to launder funds generated through illegal activities.

    Second promise would be to put qualified people into positions of power with zero potential for conflicts of interest that would affect their ability to serve the people over themselves.

    Third promise. I would not lie. Ever.


  3. luftballooneyegouge 2 years ago

    End Cannabis Prohibition. Bury power lines currently on wooden poles. Unite the States and the people within with my wit, charm, and automated, open source, universal wage/health and soylent green social security scheme called balloongougenomics (while the swarm-drone army installs me for life YOU FOOLS)


  4. immortal_pirate 1 year ago

    1) Revoke the Charter of the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK, and return to a sound monetary system that is interest free as our Constitution originally called for.
    2) Revoke and disband the Internal Revenue Service. Taxation is theft.
    3) Imprison the worst criminal of them all…


  5. JRIII 6 months ago

    I’m torn between redistributing the wealth or just abolishing the perceived value in money altogether. We would self-govern ourselves much better if we quit defining moral stature with money, which we’re all taught to do in this culture whether we’re conscious of it or not.
    Sorry that’s only one promise, but it only takes one radical idea to drastically change everything.


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