This song beautifully captures “how it is”. Deceptively profound lyrics. He describes not only things happening in slow motion, so you can imagine it, but also doing crazy things and being calm about it… where you can just see the forces in the poet’s life racing to catch up with him.

This concept is something that I find beautiful. It is often depicted in cinema, these days, ever since the Matrix. Legion, the tv show, X-Men Apocalypse, X-Men Days of Future Past, the Flash the tv show, Heroes the tv show… are some which come to mind. Deadpool, of course, is my favorite, though they have been just showing his actions in slow motion, lately, as opposed to how they original showed it: in X-Men Wolverine (forget which one), where Deadpool walks into a room, time freezes, and uses his twin katanas to cut and slick machine gun bullets back into all the bad guys.

It is a real principle. Art imitates life.

We see this going on in the world today. There is a whole lot of power moving a whole lot of actors and events. But, we are in the moment. We sense, though, the power through these vast things getting ripped up. Torn to pieces. Explosions in mid-air.

Post-mortem, historical, we will look back and be amazed. We will see that standing.


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