I wrote this post, this morning, but then got banned from the forum where I wrote it, so will write it here. Was going to write here something similar. Of course, they did not want me to write this stuff, as they were hoping their investigation into me would not reveal these details.

They had to stop it cold, because every time they try and get me, with their secret surveillance, I have to remind them:

I do this for a living.

Which is a long story. But, the short of it is, part of my job as a deep cover counterintelligence agent for the Kingdom of Heaven is to announce beforehand what the world is going to shortly have revealed to them.

There has been, for a very long time, vast secret projects at work in the world. Secret projects which dwarf the old Manhattan Project. This is the big one. The one to stop all wars.

Don’t think Manhattan Project like nuclear bombs.

Think Dr Manhattan. From the Watchmen. Who watches the Watchmen?

You see, all along, vast secrets have been hidden from the public. Indeed, even from the world’s leaders. Oh, they have had some inkling of it, but only because we have allowed them to.

And this is where atheists are wrong in all of their theories. They misunderstand the nature of reality. There are beings from the Heavens who can alter reality as if it were the substance of a dream. They are called angels, and they are called demons.

Think Dark City.

Only, they have also been able to live among us. Fake IDs, fake personas, even long term. The wildest conspiracy theories don’t put that in their pipe and smoke it. At best, they conjure up human conspiracies, or human alien hybrids. Or absurd aliens among us.

But, all of that is just the smoke from the reality. Their attempt to cover things up.

A cover job. Like what human intelligence does.

Evolution and aliens both are cover stories. Lies designed by these super terrestrial beings to try and scare and mislead people.

Likewise, they have tried to make you scared of the coming Kingdom of God. They knew it would be on the ground soon. They knew that it would come like the ‘thief in the night’. And, you see this happen, in prophecy, that exact description. So, they had to do all they could to try and make Christ look like the Anti-Christ. And have the Anti-Christ win, and usher in his thousand year regime.

They tried this with the Pope. They tried this with Muhommad. They tried this with Hitler, the “German Messiah”. They tried this with Stalin and the forces of Communism.

And, they have been trying it with Trump.

But in order for Trump to come out as the Messiah, they had to first find a fall guy for the Anti-Christ. Because Scripture is very plain on this. Jesus does not come until the Anti-Christ is exposed.

They have also tried to promote a message, true or false, that Trump does not have to come out and claim to be the Messiah. Jesus. But, that his followers would just know this is true. This is something that they relate back to Peter, when Jesus said, “On this rock, I will base my church”. Jesus said that, right after Peter declared he was the Son of God.

That is by hidden knowledge.

Jesus also seemed to indicate this may be the true meaning of that verse – one which the Catholic Church devastated by a Satanic lie – when he spoke of the ten virgins. How the five virgins who stayed awake would be unable to give oil to the five virgins who fell asleep.

But, what fall guy could they use for the Anti-Christ, pray tell? Well, Jesus Christ himself, of course!

And, so, secretly, through all of these years, for quite some time, there has been a furious battle raging, unknown to much of the public eye. One raging through the most secret parts of governments, around the world.

One that has to deal with Trump. One that has to deal with Christ.

How do I know about this? Because I am deep cover counterintelligence for the Kingdom of Heaven, that is how.

I have been a part of this, and watch it unfold.

We may cover up a lot of this. I do not know. You see, we can replace people. Like Jesus said, “two will be at work, one will be taken, the other left”. And, as Jesus said, “Heaven is in the midst of you” (and, at the same time, “within”).


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  1. Jear77 9 months ago

    Meh, trump will be impeached as more and more crimes come to life OR he will be arrested as soon as he leaves office.


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    • Author
      five2one 9 months ago

      @Jear77 That does seem to be the path he is on.

      It is unfortunate, that is a terrible thing to have happen. It came out today that the reason Manafort lost his plea deal was because he lied about a Russian intelligence officer. Which says, at least [or perhaps], Manafort had dealings with Russian intelligence he must have thought the FBI did not know about it.

      This guy was the chairman of the campaign.

      Why would they pick the chairman of the campaign who had such close ties to Russian intelligence?


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