If’n you’se can make violins, you should make classic looking hurdy-gurdies & big big bucks. Have you seen the hobby looking shit they’re passing for hurdy-gurdies these days? For kitsch big bucks, there’s pretty much nobody making cigar-box hurdy-gurdies.
I think I already told you this?
When you get the big bucks, I get a free hurdy for this consultation.
(this has been a test of the start-a-conversation ‘button’, if this had been a real conversation, I’d be somehow in the dust-bowl of the authoritarian no-mans-land of the arid-zone-ah)


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  1. immortal_pirate 6 months ago
  2. immortal_pirate 6 months ago
  3. immortal_pirate 6 months ago

    I wish I could build such an interesting instrument. I probably could, but I’m not sure just how it would sound. Perhaps I’ll leave the hurdy gurty to those who know what they’re doing when it comes to building quality hurdy gurties, but thanks for the thought…


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