I am just about the only one saying this, and I am right. It is painfully obvious. Anyone who has read what I am saying on Trump and is of love agrees.

Anyone with any doubts should reading Wolff’s book, the fire and the fury. It is fantastic behind the scenes scarily exposing Trump for just how depraved of a mind he has.

Trump thought he was getting a ticket to his kind of heaven when he got elected by Russia – a country he has deep ties to dating to the eighties. But, he was wrong.

It is all one slow, long, glorious (for us) fall.

There are some – plenty – who pretend not to be for Trump, but really are. They are not complete idiots, though their mind and heart is missing love and truth.

I would not say Trump is worse then Hitler, as they are the same man. But, Trump can’t go and start WWII this time, or massacre an entire race of people.

If he could, he would.

Hitler was Satan’s son, and his “Reich” or “millennium” was his insane desire to try and overtake and replace Jesus and God.

His attempt to massacre all Jews, was to prevent the Christ from coming.

Trump’s followers worship him as a god – which is trivial to test, just say something nasty about him, see how they react. But, Trump is beneath being even a man. He is cursed above all else in creation.

And so are his followers.

We know how they are rotten people, but this is not yet fully exposed. It is a slow fall for all of them.

Right now, they actually believe they are in power, which might be the funniest thing of all.

This is the third woe of Revelation.


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