since it isn’t illegal to seek asylum and it is a misdemeanor to cross the border illegally, it is it fair to detain people? What do you think the answer is too immigration?


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  1. ladybarbara 5 months ago

    90% of asylum seekers are not even meeting the requirements of asylum. It must be that your life in the country you are fleeing from is being threatened and that staying in that country will result in your death. Once you cross into a country that would not be killing you and would give you a chance to live peacefully and survive —- THEN YOU ARE NO LONGER THREATENED and crossing out of that nonthreatening and peaceful country does NOT meet the requirements for asylum. Asylum is not granted just because you want a job, so you can send money back to the country you originated from. Asylum is not granted just because you want employment.

    It takes years to await trial to judge whether or not you deserve asylum. While awaiting that trial, you will have to wait in the country you are already in. That should be Mexico. Nonthreatening, peaceful, Mexico, where there are jobs and chances for a livelihood.

    Crossing the United States border is unlawful —- it is against our laws. Yes, these undocumented people crossing illegally must be detained to await a trial. If you have a child with you and you are detained in a jail (for breaking the law by crossing our border) , you cannot have the child stay with you in our jails. The jails are for adults only. Children will be held in shelters run by Casa de Amparo. Many of these children were traveling with adults that were NOT related to them, who were abusing them, and the child is fearful of the adult they were found with. If that adult is NOT related to the child —- and if the child fears being returned to the adult —- then Casa de Amparo and authorities will try to locate the child’s parents. The child must be protected.

    The detention centers (Casa de Amparo) may hold children in crowded rooms, but they do give them bottled drinking water to drink. Bathrooms are accessible and all bathrooms have toilets and sinks. It is for cleanliness that a sink is provided to wash after using the toilets. AOC’s stunt about lying to say that anyone is forced to drink out of toilets is ridicules. Sinks are always available. Even in cells there are clean toilet areas, even in areas where the combo sink/toilet are provided. AOC says that there is NO RUNNING WATER. Then how is there running water for the toilets??? If there is water hooked up to the toilet, then there is water hooked up to the sink. That is always the case. In addition, bottled drinking water is always supplied.


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    • luftballooneyegouge 5 months ago

      Asylum seekers were permitted to stay in the States before Twittler put in place his idiotic hostile policies.

      Honduras was rated the most murderous country on Earth in 2012. It’s run by a drug trafficker who shares Honduras with the US Military at Soto Cano Air Base.

      In Mexico from 2007-2013 120,000 people killed & 27,000 missing in their drug-war with cartels funded by prohibition.
      “Once you cross into a country that would not be killing you and would give you a chance to live peacefully and survive —- THEN YOU ARE NO LONGER THREATENED”, so your statement only applies to the United States.

      The worst of the worst won’t be applying for asylum. They’ll be riding a tram through one of their many tunnels under the dumbass wall.

      As for concentration-camp-plumbing, there’s these miraculous inventions from ancient Rome called shut-off-valves.

      Homeland security agrees the conditions are Deplorable:


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  2. Raven Stone 5 months ago

    The answer is to the immigration “problem” is to not elect the man who made it a problem. He doesn’t have the education of sense to change the law to make it more than a “misdemeanor”. I am ashamed to be an American.


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    • Weenis 5 months ago

      @Raven Stone

      Then leave.

      I’m ashamed you’re an American.


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