I know no one will remember this, but before “immortal pirate”, I said on here I do not age and am immortal.

No small reason why I blocked his name, and banned it…

I do not appreciate fakes coming after me.

The price of immortality is steep.

I write these things here, and previously on “soulpancake”, partly to document just this. My immortality.

Unlike fakes, I am not aging. I have been posting “here”, soulpancake and here, since 2010.

I appear, in real life, in my early thirties, as Jesus died.

Jim Morrison was Jesus, doing the work of two people, so the two witnesses.

I, then, am documenting this, as everbody’s worst nightmare.


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  1. ladybarbara 8 months ago

    If you block a person, then it is YOU who loses.


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  2. immortal_pirate 8 months ago

    five2one, You’re delusional.


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