Pick your truth and pick your dare. You could also create your own truth and dare challenges for other members. We’re running on the honor system here, so pictures of your completed dares – or truths might be something to consider.

1. What was the last lie you told?
2. Share an embarrassing moment in your life.
3. What was the last thing you stole?
4. Is there someone that you admire that does not know it?
5. Who was the last person you intentionally hurt or upset?
6. Share one of your proudest moments.
7. If you were stranded on an island, who would you like to be stranded with?

1. Share something you created.
2. Make a $10 donation to a charity of someone else’s choice.
3. Send a handwritten greeting to someone.
4. Come clean with someone about something of your choice.
5. Try a new recipe and share your results.
6. Invite someone to the Sequel.
7. Sign a petition.

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Thank you to Spitfire3dc for this activity suggestion.


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  1. ladybarbara 4 years ago

    Truths — The last lie that I told was told to my friend Masood. He had gotten permission from the Baha’i House of Justice to mint a Baha’i coin. It was beautiful, but I really did not want one. It is a coin that can’t be spent. It is just a coin to collect, and it costs $20.00. It is silly to buy one. I bought one anyway and told Masood it was a wonderful thing, even though I see it as silly waste of money.

    Dare — I sent a card with a hand-written message to our own Andrew Littler with some money to help him pay for site time for a site he was trying to put together for us. It ended up costing him an extreme amount of money and he needs help paying it. Any donation would be welcomed.


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  2. immortal_pirate 4 years ago

    Truths: #6 Share one of your proudest moments.
    The birth of my daughter. You may know here as Mistral.

    Dares: #6 Invite someone to the Sequel. I invited a friend from work to join Soulsequel. He is
    manuel angel bedolla @changolon, who joined the site last night.


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  3. Spitfire3dC 4 years ago

    This isn’t quite what I had in mind @eric

    The idea is truth OR dare.

    First person challenges, a respondent chooses a to respond truthfully to a question or accept a dare. The original person accommodates the choice. The respondent, on completing the challenge then qualifies as the next challenger.

    The idea was to put an activity that continues from one challenger to the next, to the next and so on.

    Part of the objective is to be creative in posing a question where truth might be harder than average to respond to and hopefully the dares are easy to accomplish but might take a person out of their comfort zone…like…take a selfie with a Wal-Mart greeter.


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  4. BelleMadre 4 years ago

    The last thing I stole was a cup and saucer from the dining room of a 5 star resort. yep. im the trashy sister at the wedding.

    I will invite someone to sequel ok! hang on.


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