What question should I have asked you that I never asked you?


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  1. Spitfire3dC 2 years ago

    Q: Who is your favourite questioner on Soul Sequel?
    A: You
    Q: Why?
    A: Because when I consider your questions I tend to learn something about myself as I make the effort to focus on the question, versus trying to be a smart ass to prove my wit, versus my depth.


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  2. Lucifer Rising 2 years ago

    I have no idea. Reality is, I also belong to a guild, and feel there as I kind of feel here. I am a stranger, though a regular. I have been posting here since 2010, after all, and made a ton of posts and had many discussions. But, I tended then, as with my guild, to frequently change my name. Here, I get kind of stuck, because my old favorite email site is not allowed and I can not simply and entirely delete my account.

    It also kind of goes both ways. I remember some of you, but usually only vaguely. I recall the name, but not exactly what you specifically believe or anything. But, since the site is smaller now, individuals become much clearer to me.

    I might point out I have a lot of things in my life which causes me to not socialize with people, nor to get to know people, as they can never really get to know me.

    I don’t go to bar-b-ques, I don’t go to buddy’s houses on the weekend. I don’t go and watch the game with anyone. In fact, I hate sports watching. I like, at best, martial arts, skiing, hiking. But, not exactly social sports.

    I have current and former coworkers who regard me well, and I regard them well. I sometimes see them at a professional conference. It goes about as far as both being happy to see each other.

    I am terrrible at faces and names and dates. Though, I can talk about all sorts of subjects, I don’t remember people by their external appearance or even see them that way.

    Like with guildies, I am not always deeply introverted, but feel fine speaking up at times.

    Answers to questions not asked?

    Likewise, unless someone brings up matters, I am almost never going to ask them questions.


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