The way things are going is not working. We need to have a central ruling government over the entire world.


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  1. Jear77 9 months ago

    If you’re a Christian that’s the last thing you should want because it would lead up to the mark of the beast!


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      five2one 9 months ago

      @Jear77 The mark of the beast has already been happening. The two witnesses came in the sixties. Jim Morrison was the two witnesses.

      After that, the kingdom of the world became the kingdom of God and Christ, and Christ was born, as depicted in Revelation 12 (partly, the actual event depicted was not of fleshly birth, but symbolic of it).

      The beast has been around, for a long time, and people have been getting that mark for a long time.

      The Devil has been in charge of the world, until lately. He still has a lot of power. He was the prince of this world. And he setup and ran the Catholic Church. Still does. The Pope is the abomination that causes desolation.

      We have already taken over, therefore. Hence, the message of Christ has been being put out across the airwaves, via music and cinema since the 50s. But, it has been growing especially powerful over that time, as the message of the devil has been drowning out. It is inferior music, and inferior cinema.

      Obama is a Christian, however, Trump is a devil.

      We are deeply integrated in governments, business, media, all across the world. We control the governments. But, it is a fight against the remaining negative influences there. So, you see this happening with the deep state versus the forces of Satan in Trump and the religious right.

      The beast, the bad elements of the system, the government, will take down and already are taking down “Babylon”, or the Catholic Church. The Pope will fall, the self-described “morning star” (he is certainly not). People will see he is just a man.

      Then, the “beast” and the “false Prophet” will fall. Neither are a person, yet both have many people caught up in it. And the whole earth will be shown the truth. Then, the dead who are already among us (and right here) will truly wake up, and reign with Christ for a thousand years.

      That is the real ‘one world government’ that is coming. The conspiracy theorists screaming about it are of Satan. They are liars. They are of the church of Satan.

      They call Satan “God” and “Jesus”, and go to churches that are festooned with blasphemy, claiming to be churches of God and Jesus.


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  2. griz 9 months ago

    Such a centralized seat of power in an immature child race that seems to celebrate regression as much as progression, would be a mistake.

    We are just not awake or mature enough as a species yet.

    The only unifying movement that would have a chance of success would be a Grassroots one involving the individual in fellowship with the very Spirit of Life unto the renewing and regeneration of the human mind.


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