I watch tv, play video games, and like to posr online counseling ppl in distress. What are your hobbies?


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  1. Fletch 17 hours ago

    Running my businesses takes most of my time, but these are my ‘hobbies’

    mountain biking and hiking
    keeping myself and my dogs active
    starting to read Buddhist ideas

    I am very much a “home body” – but being outside in the fresh air is mandatory

    traveling never been my thing –


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  2. Fletch 13 hours ago


    no offense but all the TV and screen time and being online can’t be good for you. this is one reason I think you are comparing yourself to others. you need to find out more about us, because it is validation to you that you matter or belong, or you’ve been accepted (likes, followers, etc)

    “Eye strain and headaches. Insomnia and poor sleep. Social media addiction, because social media tools can be psychologically detrimental — with more people seeking external validation that leads to more depression and self-confidence issues.” – from Scripps.org

    you need to like YOU for YOU – not because we will like you, that shouldn’t matter. think about it, if you (or me) fell off the face of the planet NO ONE ON THIS SITE would lose any sleep. its just the way it is.

    p.s. your real hobbies should include your family.


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