Has life ever made you not sure of where your feet were? What did you do?


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  1. mamajoy 2 years ago

    I try to focus on this things that I’m certain of. That usually involves areas in my life that I know I can more or less control. When I feel lost it’s likely because I’m feeling overwhelmed or frustrated by a certain situation, a situation that I don’t feel like I can affect on my own.

    Look for the silver lining. It’s always there, sometimes it’s just hard to see it.


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  2. griz 2 years ago

    I think I have always known where my “anchor” is; where my “point of reckoning off-deck” was. (as per Pro 22:6, even if much of that teaching was couched in “religion”).

    I wish I could say I was always wise enough to depend upon these things. But I’ve done my time in tumbling free-fall. I’ve smashed into some visible shorelines and several unseen shoals. I’ve waded through some muck and been stuck in some quicksand that threatened to suck me down to my demise.

    I wanted to call some of these things “unnecessary”. But I cannot.

    Seeing how stubborn and stiff-necked a person I was (still am?), there is perhaps no other way I could internalize the wisdom of having a solid rock not just underfoot, but as foundation for all the constructs I would build.

    I’m sorry if this hits your “religion-trigger”. I’m talking not about religion but about it’s antithesis.


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  3. Fletch 2 years ago

    today, now, yesterday, always it seems

    no clue where next steps are – day by day is too long – it’s hour by hour these days.

    issues with wife, businesses, employees, brain possibly, whatever


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  4. eric 2 years ago

    “Where my feet were”

    Like, I don’t know how I got where I am, why I chose this direction, and how I managed not to fall over dead way back at the crest of that hill?

    Probably because I am horribly insecure, this is what I think when I put on deodorant in the morning, another 5 times while at work, and a lot before going to sleep.

    “What did I do?”

    Make it look like I have shit together. Pretend a lot. Say things I don’t actually feel. Do the best I can and hope nobody notices that I lack adequate qualification. Also, hope people look beyond all of the stupid mistakes I make.

    Of course, most people I interact with during the day (people at work), are in a similar boat. Even if they are managers or presidents. Most everyone is tripping over themselves, falling over, and hurrying to get back up so they can work extra hard at keeping their knees up so they stop tripping – few people get their feet up enough. Probably because it is leg day and the muscle are tired.

    I think if you get one thing right before you ded, you did okay. I kind of feel like I am trying to focus on one thing while putting everything else in the peripheral, but hell if I know if that is true.


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  5. ladybarbara 2 years ago

    I sit and think. I list the things I can control and where I can make changes. Then the list of things I cannot control and cannot change will become smaller. Now, it is a matter of accepting the things I cannot change, picking myself up and moving forward.


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