Here’s What Happens When Democrats Run Your State Government. Examining How the Left ruined California
My question: When will the people of California wake up and change this situation?
How does importing illegal aliens into California make that state better?(it doesn’t)
If California secedes from the United States, as has been proposed by some of the democrats in that states government, how quickly will they beg America for foreign aid to continue to prop up their socialist government?


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  1. Spitfire3dC 1 year ago

    Read this and then beat your drum.

    Things to note; California gets less than a dollar back in federal support, than it contributes to the federal treasury. Arizona gets over $15 back for every dollar it contributes. Which state is existing more on social assistance?

    Another thing to note is that Democrats are not necessarily the heroes of their accomplishments either. There is a high incidence of subsidies affecting southern states because the Democrats , when controlling Congress and the Senate, steered support to their home states.

    To me, it is surprising that California is actually a blue state with the riches they have. They should be Republican with a focus on protecting their wealth, versus sharing it…and yet…they share it, but who knows for how much longer?

    One reason California wants to secede is because they are fed up paying for the inability of other states to carry their own weight. If 100% of the tax dollars collected in California, were used in California; they would be ahead of the game, until those who would flee from subsidized states would emigrate in. Hmmm, wonder if they would plan to build a wall?

    Canada has the same issues. Three provinces pay way more into the federal treasury than the other seven and three territories take out. We have one province that has threatened to secede for years and interestingly, they take way more out than they put in. There is no mystery as to why they never left. They can’t afford it. But California can.


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    • Author
      immortal_pirate 1 year ago

      @Spitfire3dC Canada is still a colony of the crown. Much of the land in Canada is owned by Queen Elizabeth, and she collects the taxes you people are paying for the privilege to live on it.


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      • Spitfire3dC 1 year ago

        @immortal_pirate Yeah, Betty was over for a cup of tea yesterday to collect a few shillings and to organize some of her subjects to mow the lawn on her land. I’m going to have to have a word with her about the haphazard weed whacking. Very shoddy.

        Let me try to actually respond as I try to channel Jay who is in there somewhere. hmmmm…let me think for a minute. OK, the trick is to make an unsubstantiated declaration and ignore any words that come in response. Then, just go off on a tangent, that tries to cross humour (American translation; humor, just in case the use of English confused), with another unsubstantiated declaration. OK, I think I got it.

        The Queen imports some of her slaves that she has hidden in Arizona to mow her lawns in Canada. She stores them in Arizona where they are subsidized, by the 40,000,000 Californians who pay taxes, that she used to get for tea, to a king who uses some of it to pay pensions, for the 7,000,000 Arizonans, as a reward for their servitude.Not really a fair amount for what they had to endure, but they throw in an allowance to wear toys in a holster so they can play cowboys and pirates. btw, does the 2nd Amendment include swords? I guess that’s covered in the right to bare arms (you think they actually meant golf shirts?) or is it bear arms? WTH are bear arms?? I thought they had four legs. Can you have arm legs?

        Hey this is fun. I haven’t had this much fun in 259,000 years kid. When you get to be as old as I am Sparky, you learn a few things. Be patient. You’ll get there. In the mean time, have a great day!


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