One reason I like deadpool so much, besides the slow mo stuff (do a quicksilver or flash movie, already, sheesh hollywood)… is he had such a great motivator.

First, finding, “Francis!”. Girl name, I think that signifies ‘the one who got away’, not just ‘the bad guy who made him immortal’. Second time, seeking his gf the one who go away.

Both simple, both elegant, both profound.

Likewise, with Wolverine, it is ‘what is my past’, where he had forgotten it.

My strongest motivators have been the above… though right now, in a quiet time before the hurricane.


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  1. Santa Bunny 5 months ago

    Reading a friend’s bio on another site. This motivates me reading her story:

    First, I was born and bred in this. The group I really work for has no name, but we have people in many organizations. This goes back to the 19th century.

    Officially, my birth dad went MIA shortly have touching down, in Laos (an illegal war at the time). This is him:

    I was raised by a relative who largely worked at a major DC law firm, which was founded by two CI men coming right out of FBI CI WWII. They were part of a massive project to create a false company that would allow FBI agents consistent cover and paychecks.

    All that said, my existence, or paper trail, pre-1997, is virtually non-existent.

    First project, befriended players at cDc, cult of the dead cow, the main pro bono hacking group back then.

    Then, I invented the first html trojan, and created an accompanying paper that predicted how this was the inevitable route foreign intelligence would take.

    Then, I was invited to co-found a special projects group with cDc whose main purpose was to poke China in the eye.

    It worked.

    Skipping ahead some, I ran personas here from about 2010, Fall, to about 2013, at which time I very, very slowly started to supposedly talk about these matters.

    Basically the idea was to create a pseudo-anonymous central master character
    who was the “real” me. That “real me” chacter was throwing out things any group foreign or dirty domestic would be interested in. I pretended to be crazy and so unaware of what I was doing.

    I did not only post here, but I also posted other places. At certain turns of the proverbial clock, I would share very specific phrases between personas, seemingly accidentally.

    One such phrase was “there is no truth, because people believe what they want to believe based on their prefences”.

    All in all, for what I am willing to say, obviously my job as been to play the “human” target.


    Spies normally never reveal their hand, so obviously, I am not really doing so. Or, I may be.

    You decide.


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    • Author
      five2one 5 months ago

      @Santa Bunny i live among you, well disguised…this story has been told w truth and lies… but, nevermind — leonard cohen, nevermind

      Ever see Tuck Everlasting?


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  2. mamajoy 5 months ago

    Motivation in my life comes in spurts. I suppose that I am always the strongest motivator, after all, nothing gets done unless I decide to put one foot in front of the other – with purpose.


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    • Author
      five2one 5 months ago

      @mamajoy You got the like button working!

      I am not sure if I can say I am my own motivator, that would require some thought. Perhaps I am mutually motivated. I tend to see outside forces motivating me. Freewill I tend to view as illusionary, in regards to my own self.

      Yet, it is also there.


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