Further, does someone have to be worthy of our compassion, eg a case of a Palestinian woman whose son is a suicide bomber and murders several people along side killing himself? Is she worthy of our compassion? What, if anything? would deem someone not worthy of compassion?


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  1. griz 5 months ago

    Compassion is a function of trait-agreeableness, one of the “Big 5” trait characteristics making up the spectrum of all human behavior. High trait-agreeableness creates the set of maternal behaviors that prepare a woman to be exploited by a baby. Compassion is the element of putting someone ahead of all others, often with great disregard for all other factors (ie, competency, fairness, rights, concerns of past or future).

    And it’s a damn good thing too; because babies can be a big pain with very few redeeming characteristics other than incredibly large eyes! Mothers need a very special set of characteristics to take care of such a thing.

    Compassion gives the baby equal if not greater status in the family unit requiring everyone else to make often very great concessions for the sake of their well-being.
    (It also accounts for the large number of women who cannot seem to turn it off in end up being exploited by a big baby!)

    Butt enlarger societal settings with fully actualized adults it can have a very great destabilizing effect. Healthy society runs on a hierarchy of competency, in a general set of rules based on something akin to fairness.

    When compassion short-circuits this, people suddenly achieve equal or even greater status then those who participated and worked hard for it, demonstrating the competency to warrant it. (The “equity of outcome” agenda of neo-Marxism).
    The net effect in a free and open society is that it builds resentment both coming and going, because really the last thing a competent adult wants is to be mothered, or freeloaders to prosper.

    Our society is in such a fix because compassion has leaked out of the family unit where it evolved to function for proper and good purpose.

    The caring element in larger societies of mature adults needs to be tempered with high trait-conscientiousness; which generates the structuring and systematizing without which a civilization couldn’t exist.

    It becomes “consideration ” within the hierarchy of competence ( because you don’t want incompetent people getting ahead and running the society).

    Compassion is for the family unit or small tribal group in the presence of the very young or the very old. It’s toxic to a larger society of mature adults.


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      Scarlett 5 months ago

      @griz at my philosophy meets-ups, we are going to have a zen buddhist guest speaker speak on compassion


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      • griz 5 months ago

        It would be interesting to ask what they think the difference is between compassion and consideration.

        In researching my answer to you I found the lay definition of compassion is broad and vague, and nowhere near as concise or integrated as the psychological definition.

        I think pity is one of the elements that is mitigated by consideration. Pity plays far too easily into virtue signaling for the self and infantilizing of the other.

        Maturity doesn’t take well to being treated as if it’s helpless.


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