Hi gang. Sorry for the wonkiness, it’s been fixed…I think.

The last time I checked in was many, many moons ago. What’s changed for you? What has stayed the same? What are the changes to come?

I’ve had many changes in my life. Biggest things? I have an awesome pup that I love oh so much – I never knew really understood “dog people” until now. I’ve been converted. Dogs rule, cats are bitchy.

I’ve been able to chase my dream of being a computer nerd that gets to fiddle with websites and such, but at the cost of my sleep and my most of my free-time to dick around online – hence my absence.

There are many familiar faces here and also a few that have gone quiet. I hope you all are doing well so far in 2019!


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  1. ladybarbara 7 months ago

    Hi! Nice to see you again! I’m still here. I’m still with Immortal Pirate and his cats and kilt collection. He mentioned that I could iron the pleats in his kilts. Hahahahahaha!- No! So, he bought a steamer to do his own pleats. He wears kilts, now, but his look is still masculine enough that we could go to the Phoenix Gay Rights Parade and Festival and he was still recognized as straight male. —- even in his kilt.

    As for me? I am still gardening in buckets in my greenhouse. I planted potatoes and harvested new potatoes yesterday. What is new and changed for me is highly suspected breast cancer in my left breast. We will know more in August. So far, it is a tumor and is sending out roots. I hope they catch it before the roots reach my lungs, heart, liver, or any other organs. At 72, they treat me different than when I was younger. A technician, who was in her 30’s, said, “What use are your breasts, anyway?” I was angry at that. I am still sexually active, even at 72. Well, if worst comes, my insurance will do breast implants. It is too early to give up on sex so soon. Now that my younger boyfriend is wearing kilts and everything is easier to reach for, I have my sights set on years of fun.


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    • luftballooneyegouge 7 months ago

      God Bless Your Boobs & Protect Them


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    • mj 7 months ago

      @ladybarbara Kilts huh? Does he wear them all over town or just for special outings? I imagine that they aren’t the easiest pieces to find.

      I’m glad that you’re still going on with your gardening. My gardening hasn’t worked out so well, I have a succulent garden, which is all I can do right now. I had my hand at growing some herbs and green onions but I bought a new planter, then just filled it with succulents instead. Not sure what happened there…

      So sorry to hear about the cancer scare, having to wait until August seems so far away! I wish for the best news, you seem to be in wonderful spirits despite the situation. It’s great that you and the pirate are still going strong – in and out of the sack. :wink:


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  2. luftballooneyegouge 7 months ago

    Thanks for helping me!


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  3. five2one 6 months ago

    I brought a new friend on here, he is great. Met him last year at an exclusive Doors forum, but have not really gotten to know him until this year.

    I do not know how well you remember me, as I often change my avatar.

    This remains the best site, and I am sad it does not get bigger, but it probably needs promotion. Reddit has this kind of idea, but their delivery is very poor. Still, this is the core group I recall, though missing quite a few old regulars, like Charley, Eva, and Angel. [Of those, I only keep up with Angel. Who showed me the site a few years ago, I think it was now.]

    Last contact I had with you was you asked, “how much do you want to know”, I said “Everything”. You said, something to effect of okay,but that is going to be difficult. Or in my imagination you said that.

    I have been through a few new rabbit holes since you have been gone.

    Not more then I need to go down, however. Maybe.


    I just got an apartment today, by my own lonesome, far from my once idyllic family life.

    Sober, going to AA.

    My special ability, not aging and being impossible to kill (the later is just because I have a really good angel)… has been in use far more. So, it is certain to me now, the former, that is, whereas, before and for a few years in my 40s… it seemed untrue. Then, everything I believed negatively, went out the window, and for good. I have learned I can change my appearance merely by belief and imagination.

    Before, I had almost no face to face contact with strangers, so I had no way to prove this. Maybe I was just seeing things. My wife only grudgingly admitted that I look much younger then I am, after many denials. And my coworkers did not know what mid and late 40s looks like. Nor do my kids.

    But, since then, I have been in many group settings with strangers, starting with my terrible boss last year:

    I love it. Because it is a walking message. It freaks people out. Angels have done this to me, and like with them, I could not consciously grasp the impossibility of their own being…

    It does not give me sex or money, but it does give me the satisfaction of waking people up, even if I am rarely going to be around by the time they consciously “get it”.

    Nobody seriously asks me, “how do you do that”. Nobody knocks on my door, asking, “can you help me do that”. So, I shake my head and see how we humans are, really.

    It started, not ironically, this new wave of certainty, with a boss who was in the middle of a speech extolling his own greatness and trying to get me to become like him, a high paid manager… stopping and going, “wait a second, how old are you”. His jaw dropped and his face lost some color. An expression I am since then, well used to.

    Did he ever get it? As he escalated his assholeness towards me, I can say, with certainity, not, at least, in the few months I came to know him.

    Others are quicker to wit. But, I think only a few might go, “this is a possibility for me too?”

    Most will, I hope, have a crack left in their window to reality and what the world offers as a reality. A grim and sick one. One which is transforming from being ruled by those with wealth in spirit of Satan and the world, to one of power, where immortal humans rule in conjunction with elect angels. (All three quarters of them, thankfully.)

    All of this rambling… and I doubt I can tell MJ or anyone anything they do not know… but, I am not alone. Angels and their superpowers aside. Others like me, in their own way, and starting to come to grips to powers which are uniquely theirs. Powers one can and must define as “super”.

    The rise of the Super Men and Women.


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  4. Jear77 6 months ago

    Things are… strange with me.
    In the intervening months since we last spoke, I’ve been home to Joliet, and back to Chicago. During my move to Chicago, I sprained my ankle. Then a few days later I badly strained it, setting back my previous progress.
    I now have a support system to help me deal with life better.
    I have plans of taking free online courses to make myself more competitive in the job market… but first I need to heal up (sighs). AND my room needs to be warmer; when I’m here I’m buried under blankets.
    My new roommate, while strange in his own way, seems to care about my well-being… unlike my “friend” who I try to help with his business.
    Speaking of him, he finally got the financing to purchase the restaurant he’s been looking to purchase for the last year or so, but needs a few bucks to “seal the deal” as it were. I wish him all the luck in the world, but the more time I’m with him, I know he needs to realize that things may not always work out the way he wants them to… or at least in the timeframe he wants.


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