“If you call the cops again, you’ll be dead before they get here.”

That was the last thing my ex husband said to me before I left him 12 years ago. This post isn’t about that, though.

This post is about my daughter. This morning I was thinking about how I really admire my daughter more than anyone else on the planet. She came from a broken home, my home. She heard her father say those words and saw a lot more than that…things that aren’t meant for the eyes and ears of children. She was eight years old when I gave her a garbage bag and told her to grab what she wanted to take with her when her dad left for work that morning. We left, and I never looked back, but my daughter had to visit with him, and had many more rough years dealing with a father who had a hefty substance abuse problem. As an aside, I can now look back and see the traumatized child living inside of him.

Anyhoo, what I want to tell you is this. My daughter persevered despite all of that! She dusted herself off and made the honor roll(s) year after year and eventually got scholarships to go to college. This week she learned that she got accepted to a competitive study abroad program and will be going to Panama in May. She is also going to graduate from college earlier than most and most likely with high honors. I am amazed by her, proud of her, and admire her more than anyone I know. #nevergiveup#shesurvived


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  1. five2one 2 weeks ago

    My wife and I are, unfortunately, legendary in our disagreements.

    This is largely only because our last life was so close to this one…

    She ended up dying from heroin, as did I….

    That last life was in the sixties. And, we were both famous. Though, I made her famous.

    She did not die as I did… it took her a few years.

    She remains dead, to this day, I try and wake her, but she does not want to do it.

    I can not contrast us with you, however.

    We made our getaway.

    We were in love… and while we both had other lovers, we only loved each other…

    We deserved this.

    We left behind a lot of money and fame… but my fame, our fame… was more then what people would think.

    Because, she was my… “companion”.

    But, the truth is, is she came from me, before even the angels. Indeed, I would have never had the angels, but because of her.

    We have many children.

    The most painful of our children, is Satan.

    I am not sure what you want us to say of that.


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