If so, who among your non-family do you love unconditionally? And why?

I don’t think there is anyone for me, but maybe you?


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  1. five2one 2 weeks ago

    What is the big deal about easter this year?

    There is someone for everyone. I love my friends unconditionally. But, you are really talking about “in love” and finding your “soul mate”. Now that my marriage has imploded I am definitely thinking about this. Not a quick turnaround,though, it had been on the rock for years.

    OTOH, my best friend from HS pointed out I could “jibe” with a lot of different girls. So, I have no idea who it may be. I do have a pretty good idea of the physical type. But, it is the inner person I want. Another friend pointed out I don’t want anybody’s body, I want their soul. And, I guess, I do.

    Though, saying it outloud sounds kind of creeepy.


  2. OldBluesMan 1 week ago

    Lately, and perhaps not so lately, I have been toying with the idea that I am meant to be alone in this life.

    There was one woman who I loved unconditionally about a year or so ago, it was a girl I knew and dated in High School, being young and naive, I broke it off with her and let her get away. I felt regret about this for a while, though I am sure I had a good reason to break it off.

    She came back from distant lands about a year ago, and I took it as a second chance. I fell head over heels for her, completely giving her my all. It ended up backfiring on me.

    It was the first time I ever felt love in that regard, and perhaps the last. Lessons learned.

    I consider myself a bit weird, and honestly, I could not see myself getting tied down to a relationship in any way like my previous ones. In the end it gets tiring for me, and I prefer my own company.

    I wont knock the idea outright, maybe there truly is someone I would feel comfortable with, and be able to live and present myself as I am to.

    But up to now, I feel there is always an aura of disingenuous energy with these relationships. Almost like I or they have to act different. I don’t like being fake, and I shouldn’t have to be fake at all.

    But its hard to find someone you can be yourself with, and who is there to help build you up instead of tear you down. Someone authentic, who you don’t need to worry about.

    Maybe somewhere.


  3. mamajoy 1 week ago

    I think that love is conditional. I’m not sure that unconditional love can exist in a world with ethics and values. If someone you love does something that go against beliefs that you are firm upon and you cannot accept, I’m fairly certain that we are more than capable of revoking our professed feelings of “love”.


  4. Squirrel 4 days ago

    I don’t know what unconditional love feels like. I’m not sure what it is to be able to say I’m even capable of it, but I think I love my immediate family unconditionally and some of my friends who have been there for me since the beginning. I’d give most of my liver and 3/4 of my kidneys to some friends.


  5. Novelist65 2 days ago

    My son and my dog.


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