– Paul noted the Law contained “cursed is anyone hung on a tree”, so Jesus being killed on a tree brought the whole curse of the Law on him. On his dead body. At resurrection, he had destroyed the Law. So, all Christians and those before are free from the Law through Jesus.

– Jesus fulfilled the Law because of his being of Love. Love finds no fault. Even a supposed transgression of the Law done in true love of God and man is not a transgression.

– Jesus never would have aged past 30. He was immortal. But, the caveat of crucifixion allowed the Devil to kill him. 30 is the age of immortality and human maturity.

– Satan is the one responsible for the death of Jesus. The Jewish and Roman powers all were under Satan. Satan is the “one above” most guilty. Everyone else was just following Satan’s orders. Jesus did not demand Satan to betray him through Judas, but merely said, “Do what you must do”.

– Satan killing Jesus damned him to eternal separation from God, and so all his children.

– Through the ages, Satan has favored some and denied the majority. So, they are his children. As Satan took them as his children. Some more than others. The anti-Christ is the true son of Satan, the Man of Sin.

Satan incarnate, as Jesus was God incarnate.

– The cross confirms in deep holiness all Jesus said, and all Jesus did. To deny any of it denies the cross and so the holiness of the death of Jesus.

– Likewise, as all the Old Testament and after points to Jesus, the cross confirms it all. To deny it, any of it, is to challenge the holiness of the cross of Jesus.


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