Just watched the movie Glass which is a combined sequel of Unbreakable and Split. In it the q is raised about human potential to be a superhero or conversely a supervillian? Are they already among us? If so, who are the superheroes or villains of our current society?


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  1. griz 11 months ago

    I’ll base my answer on a quote that is variably credited to Orwell.
    “Speaking truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.”

    I think it can be successfully argued that our species has made a paradigm shift away from mainly physical defining feats, to defining feats of intellect and communication of the written and spoken word.

    That would make the “heros”, those that know the Truth and speak it into the chaos unto the creation of habitable order.

    Which would mean that the base villains are those who use language unto deceit. Which I suppose could then be broken down into deceit of self, which tends to lead to deceit of others, and then adding in degrees of malicious intent.
    And I would offer the supposition that moving into such a new realm has resulted in a spate of powerful delusional structures (ideologies) and low-level mass-hysteria for those who fail to find sufficient grounding in truthful speech and actions.

    Physical super-powers? It’s an amusing notion. Youtube is full of people with super-powers that enable them to contort their bodies and touch their ear with their tongue and eat disgusting things or even whole bicycles a part at a time, or abuse themselves in all sorts of macabre ways!

    But I think the frontier of “superior actions” is pragmatically in the regions of true intellectual and moral development of the individual*.
    (Which ties to my supposition that any improvement or even “salvation” of our species is going to be grass-roots. When we talk about “advancements” we are almost universally speaking of our technological creations — which then seem to have an addicting and stupifying effect on the individual)

    *Provided one is wary of the deceptions trying to say that there are no such thing as objective knowledge, wisdom, morals and a “good” way to live one’s life in a societal context!
    (Perhaps only the heros can live and move in such regions?! :wink: )


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  2. ladybarbara 11 months ago

    My superpower is that I can turn coffee into urine. I do it every morning just to keep in practice.


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  3. immortal_pirate 11 months ago

    A “super hero” is the single mother who works 2 jobs to provide for her children, to feed , clothe, house, and educate them….successfully. Not all super heroes wear capes and colorful spandex suits.

    A super hero is the the 15 year veteran fire fighter that places himself in danger every time he answers the alarm and then steps into a burning inferno to rescue a child on the 9th floor of an apartment building ready to collapse engulfed in flames. Not all super heroes wear capes and colorful spandex suits.

    A super hero is anyone working day to day in a job that most people wouldn’t last an hour in, providing a specific yet vital service to a community. Not all super heroes wear capes and colorful spandex suits.

    Super heroes do exist, one need only open one’s eyes to see them everywhere…Not all super heroes wear capes and colorful spandex suits.


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  4. five2one 10 months ago

    You know, they have this thing they do these days, where they give a trophy to every little kid who runs the race. From first to last.

    I like that.

    But, I am unaware of any other *human* with superpowers, as of yet. But, I believe, they are coming. So, I will only speak on my self.

    Yes, I am a superhero. But, I am not out fighting crime, per se, as that would be illegal. I am, basically, deadpool.

    I mean, no one ever thinks about the science behind regeneration. But, Jesus healed the blind, the deaf, lepers, even raised the dead. So, my regenerative powers do that. At the core of my being, spiritually, the immaterial inner self. That inner self controls the outer self, is what I have learned.

    I will and do and have followed many noble causes, because I was the last man standing. I could do something about it. So, I had to.

    But, being a hero is not fun. Immortality? Fun. Hero? Not so much.

    It always make me aghast, when people see those heroes up on the big screen. Where is the sympathy?! They go through horrific trials. What is this, the Roman Coliseum?

    But, that, is what heroics is all about.

    So, having deadpool regenerative abilities is just perfect for being a hero.

    But, believe me, I much prefer to lounge around in my underwear, watching the next crazy movie, and smoking my vape… then running around chopping off heads and getting hammered to death.

    Not so fun.


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